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Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is housing that is appropriate for the needs of a range of very low to moderate income households and priced so that these households are also able to meet other basic living costs such as food, clothing, transport, medical care and education. As a rule of thumb, housing is usually considered affordable if it costs less than 30 percent of gross household income.*

Community Housing Ltd delivers affordable rental housing to low to moderate income people who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing or are disadvantaged by private rental market.

We are focused on developing housing options for those experiencing housing difficulty so that the tenants can enjoy stable lives, raise families, engage in employment or study and have enough disposable income to live on.

Our rents are offered at subsided rates, based either on a discount to the market rent or as a percentage of household income.

Our portfolio of housing range varies in types and sizes, including single or multi-bedroom units or houses, as well as studio apartments. Different housing options are only available in some locations and eligibility criteria apply.

Internationally we aim to assist those that are disadvantaged by market failure by securing a pathway to home ownership recognising that it is one of the ways by which the poor can escape from Poverty.

If you would like more information on affordable housing in the locations CHL operates visit our WHERE WE WORK section
or contact your nearest CHVL office
or call us on 1300 CHL HOUSING (1300 245 468).