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Aboriginal Housing

Statement of Acknowledgment and Commitment
Community Housing Limited (CHL) acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were the first Australians and were dispossessed by the European occupation starting more than two centuries ago. The arrival of Europeans, as recently as the 20th century in some remote regions, brought unmitigated impacts to Traditional Owners and to their country.
CHL acknowledges that Indigenous Australians consequently lost their land, and many lost their families, children, beliefs and their lives.
Through ensuing policies of removal, segregation and assimilation; disadvantage and other legacy impacts continue to this day.
This noted, CHL celebrates the survival and resilience of Indigenous culture across Australia’s many traditional lands and language groups. We also recognize the right of Indigenous people to determine their own future and to live in accordance with their own values and customs.
We commit ourselves to securing and respecting Indigenous peoples’ diversity and culture.
CHL recognizes the valuable contribution of Indigenous Australians in all walks of life and looks forward to working together in partnership, with mutual respect and on an equal footing.

CHL has developed a record with regionally based Aboriginal communities in NSW, Victoria and remote communities in Western Australia where it has been contracted to manage stock, introducing upgrade programs, raising rental collection, improving maintenance and starting housing expansion programs.

Presently CHL has over 1,000 Aboriginal housing dwellings under management and has expanded its services to Aboriginal people into the Goldfields, Broome and Adelaide.
CHL’s successes in the Kimberley, Lake Tyres and Bairnsdale make it an organisation which could provide the back-up platform of a tier one regulated provider to assist with management for many communities.

About Aboriginal Community Housing Ltd

Aboriginal Community Housing Limited (ACHL) was established in 2016 to provide better housing options for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and families and to put their needs first.

An approved community housing provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing, ACHL is presently a member of Community Housing Ltd Group (CHL) and is working towards establishing itself as an independent national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community housing provider.

We currently manage over 1,800 homes across Australia and aim to build partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services through respectful and productive relationships. Through our housing services, we have a strong commitment to the principles of self determination through inclusive and two-way partnerships.At the same time, we strive to promote employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
To learn more www.achl.org.au

Our Approach to managing Remote Aboriginal Communities


CHL is one of the mainstream housing organisations with strong aboriginal partnerships. The core approach of CHL has been to generate trust through engagement, sympathetic and responsive management, delivery on promises and improvement in housing conditions and supply.

In WA CHL has developed an Aboriginal Community Development Strategy to guide the company’s engagement and activities in Aboriginal communities and with Aboriginal people across Australia with a focus on opportunities for aboriginal training and employment.  CHL employs three Aboriginal people in the Kununurra office and two in the Kalgoorlie office. Aboriginal employees comprise 25% of CHL’s WA staff.

CHL manages housing in 16 communities including 230 properties in the East Kimberley, and in 7 communities including 126 properties in the Goldfields under Remote Aboriginal Housing contracts with the WA Housing Authority.

An our Transitional housing Program includes Kimberley Aboriginal families in Kununurra (40), Halls Creek (15) and, as of 1 April 2016, Broome (29).


Our Aboriginal Partnerships


CHL has a range of strong formal and informal partnerships with Aboriginal organisations.

In WA this includes 9 resource agencies and 7 community organisations under Housing Management Agreements and has demonstrated its capabilities managing complex clients on programs/contracts including the East and West Kimberley Transitional Housing Programs, Remote Aboriginal Housing Contract, Crisis Accommodation Program (CAP) and Drug and Alcohol Program from offices in Perth, Geraldton, Exmouth, Broome, Kununurra and Kalgoorlie.

Click here to read more about the Transitional Housing Program in Kununurra

In Victoria, CHL manages Indigenous specific transitional housing in partnership with Ngwala in the Eastern Gippsland Region,  the Orana Gunyah Indigenous Family Violence facility in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Association (VACCA).

In Sale, CHL works in partnership with Ramahyuck Aboriginal Cooperative and supports their social enterprise that provides gardening and lawn mowing services to our Transitional Housing properties. In addition to this  CHL has  agreements with are GEGAC,  and an informal one with the remnants of the Central Gippsland Aboriginal Health and Housing Cooperative (CGAHAHC).


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ACHL’s philosophy is grounded in building and cultivating trusting relationships with the nation’s First Peoples to support them to independently develop, build, manage, operate and own housing solutions.

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