Homelessness Services


In Victoria we provide services for the Eastern region of Melbourne from our Box Hill office and for Gippsland from our Morwell and Bairnsdale offices. We also provide outreach services to Sale, Fulham Prison, Lakes Entrance and work in partnership with Orbost Regional Hospital, Omeo Hospital and Mallacoota District Health and Support Services.

Each year CHVL has over 20,000 client contacts from individuals and households seeking housing assistance. Service demand is increasing year on year and, as the cost of private rental increases, housing for people on low incomes becomes more difficult to access and sustain.

In Queensland we provide Transitional housing, Same House Different Landlord and Crisis Accommodation programs in and around Maryborough region.

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Opening Doors Entry Point Service

Housing Intake, Assessment and Planning assistance in Eastern Melbourne & Gippsland. This service is provided to people experiencing a housing crisis or those needing housing information and referral. It is for people located in the eastern metropolitan region or in Gippsland.

We work with clients to assess their housing needs and options and identify personal support needs that may impact on housing. We work in partnership with a broad range of support agencies and will refer our clients for specialist support services whenever this is needed.

We also assist people with housing applications for private rental housing and public housing. So if you are looking for assistance contact the toll free number 1800 825 955. This is a state-wide toll free number and will direct your call to the nearest homelessness service that can provide assistance.

Transitional Housing in Eastern Melbourne & Gippsland

Transitional housing is short-term accommodation available to households who are in a housing need and have exhausted all other housing options. CHVL manages transitional housing in Gippsland and Eastern Metropolitan region on behalf of the Department of Health & Human Services (DHS). The houses are offered for periods of six to twelve months depending on individual circumstances.

The purpose of transitional housing is to provide a safe and stable environment where people can address their housing issues and then move on into stable long-term housing. Each of the tenancies is linked to a community support agency who will work with tenants to find long-term secure housing.

Access to Transitional Housing is managed through the Entry Points of the Opening Doors service system and is based on an assessment of the needs of each client.

Financial Assistance

We manage the Housing Establishment Fund for the DHHS to assist eligible clients. Clients need to contact CHVL for an assessment to make sure they are eligible for assistance. We have provided financial assistance to over 2,500 clients on an average.

What can financial assistance be provided for?

  • Rent in advance when commencing a new tenancy;
  • Rental arrears to prevent your tenancy from being terminated;
  • Relocation expenses to help you move your furniture into your new rental property;
  • Crisis accommodation.

We also assist people with applications for Rental Bond loans provided by DHHS and rent assistance provided by Centrelink.

Homelessness Assistance

For people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness call 1800 825 955. This is a state-wide toll free number and will direct your call to the nearest homelessness service that can provide assistance.

If you are seeking help in the Eastern Metropolitan region of Melbourne or Gippsland your call may be directed to one of our offices.

Your call will be answered by a worker who can assist you and arrange for an appointment.

To make a referral to CHVL or to find out if you are eligible for assistance please call the office closest to you:

Box Hill: 03 9856 0098

Morwell: 03 5120 4800

Bairnsdale: 03 5152 8933

State-wide Homelessness Services

For all homelessness enquiries call 1800 825 955.
This number operates 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.

Homelessness Services Entry Points in the Eastern Melbourne Region

Uniting Wesley: 8870 4020
Uniting Harrisons: 9871 8700
Salvo Care: 9853 5680
Anchor: 9760 6400

Homelessness Services Entry Points in the Gippsland Region

Uniting Care Gippsland: 51 447777

State-wide Services

Safe steps – family Violence response centre

Call 1800 015 188



The Salvation Army Crisis Centre

Call 1800 627 727.
This service is available 24 hours 7 days per week.

Tenants Union of Victoria

9416 2577