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Community Housing Limited Group of Companies (CHL) aims to provide a high standard of service in all areas of our operations. We appreciate any feedback that our customers choose to provide and aim to resolve any complaints and conduct appeal reviews in a timely manner.

 Customers of CHL can expect:

  • To be able to provide feedback verbally, in writing via post, email or by completing a hard copy form available in our offices or online by visiting our website
  • That we will always take your comments, complaints and appeals seriously and encourage you to ask questions about our work practices
  • To be able to appeal a decision made by us and have it dealt with promptly
  • That any complaint or appeal will be dealt with fairly and professionally, without consequence to you or your status as a customer of CHL

CHL is committed to customer rights and ensuring fair, equitable and transparent processes. We aim to continually improve our services and their delivery, and view all feedback as an opportunity for positive action.

Please complete the form below to provide your feedback on our services and share your experiences with us.

Feedback Form

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