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We’re one of the Australia’s leading non-for-profit project management, design and construction companies. We have a wide range of qualifications and experience from both the private and not for profit sectors. CHL is a registered Builder in NSW, Tasmania, SA and WA and CHVL is a registered Architect and Builder in Victoria. This enables us to offer delivering cost effective, affordable, innovative solutions and on-time results to meet your specific building needs.

We offer full project management, design and construction, design management services including site assessments, property purchase advice, planning assessments and housing yield analysis, cost planning and budget management, consultant engagement and preparation of contract documentation and tendering, building and construction management and project delivery.

We have worked with many Government, Non-for-Profit and private organisations in delivering social and affordable housing projects. Our experienced and multi-disciplined Project Management, Design and Construction Teams are made up of dedicated personnel who have specialist skills to suit each project’s requirements.

Our vertically integrated operation and our ability to project manage, design and build properties is a unique aspect of our approach.

Our Approach

Project Management

We use standard industry project management practices such as PRINCE2 and comply with the latest building, construction and social housing policies and regulations. We provide complete life cycle project management from project feasibility studies, initiation and management of the project delivery process through to final completion and handover to our Asset Management and Tenancy Management team. With our flexible and robust project management and risk management systems, we provide our clients and project partners confidence that projects under our management are delivered on-time and on-budget.


Our committed architectural design team have a track record in creative design solutions for residential developments in response to your criteria, including cost-effective solutions to meet each project’s budget requirements. We have a strong commitment to accessibility, sustainability and health and safety in the physical and social environment. We also have extensive experience in site analysis and planning including development applications, negotiating planning permits and subdivision so that necessary permits are obtained smoothly with minimal delays.

Integral to our design process is our consultative approach with project partners, stakeholders and often, tenants. This ensures design factors such as site planning and function meet project requirements and social outcomes, local needs, cultural considerations and where applicable, gain high levels of ownership and buy-in from tenants.


Our award winning and experienced construction team provides efficient and cost effective project delivery, and are committed to building quality homes. Our quality benchmarks are to build homes to last with minimal maintenance, given the organisation’s typical 40 year housing management commitment. Innovative building techniques and contemporary building materials are continually researched and adopted in our construction methods where appropriate to achieve affordable and quality housing while reducing cost and construction timeframes.

Our Services

 Key areas we provide in our Project Management, Design and Construction services include:

  • Management, selection and co-ordination of consultants, contractors and authorities from Design, town planning through to construction
  • Contract development
  • Project plan development and setting milestones for design and construction phases.
  • Project management, pre-construction and planning meetings
  • Complete cost and budget management
  • Effective project reporting and communication with stakeholders on progress of project
  • Construction management including building techniques, systems, material selection and maintenance.
  • Compliance management with standard building and government regulations and policies. Risk management
  • Co-ordination and administering ongoing quality-control procedures and relevant documentation.