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Our Vision and Mission

Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a not-for-profit company delivering housing for vulnerable and low to moderate income people who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing in the market.

CHL originated in Australia in 1993 and has since spread its operations to South Asia, South-East Asia, South America and Africa.

CHL is committed to providing good-quality, affordable and sustainable housing in regions of the world where there is a dire need. CHL is focused on developing housing options for those experiencing housing difficulty and continuously improving its service delivery to its tenants so they can enjoy stable lives, raise families, engage in employment or study, and generally have enough to live on to be able to live adequately day to day.

At 30 June 2019, CHL had a portfolio of 10,737 properties under rental management in Australia across six States including Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Internationally in Timor Leste, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Peru, India, Indonesia and Rwanda, CHL aims to assist those who are disadvantaged by market failure by securing a pathway to secure housing recognising that long-term rental and home ownership is one of the means by which the poor can escape from poverty.

CHL has a quarter of a century of leading edge experience working in partnership with national and state governments, local government authorities, social support agencies, and community groups to address local housing affordability problems. CHL creates stronger communities by keeping local residents in their local area.

In Australia, CHL provides end-to-end affordable housing development and a long-term housing and tenancy management operation.  This includes engagement with communities where there is housing need, project conception, securing finance,  land acquisition, project design and construction supervision, and long term rental management of housing for low to moderate income people.

CHL is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. It operates like any other limited company, but all financial surpluses remain in the company to be reinvested in quality affordable housing for people in need, wherever they may be.

Our vision: a world without housing poverty


Working to ensure the provision of affordable and sustainable housing for all by:

  • Providing housing which is affordable, has long-term tenure and appropriate services to live comfortably;
  • Assisting residents to access housing and to maintain links with their communities;
  • Ensuring that the development of housing improves social, economic and environmental sustainability;
  • Creating employment and training opportunities in the development of housing wherever possible;
  • Assisting the development and sustainability of strong communities with social diversity by fostering community building initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged people.



  • Focus on providing good-quality affordable rental housing to those most in need and/or assists those who are disadvantaged by market failure in securing a pathway to home ownership. CHL recognises that the development of long-term affordable rental housing is essential to ensure sufficient disposable income to meet living expenses. We also recognise that home ownership provides an asset which can form a base to escape from poverty;
  • Engage with the communities it serves by creating partnerships with local people, agencies and governments. This will ensure the provision of housing and related services that are essential to the ongoing security of people’s tenure and capacity to thrive in their communities;



  • Ensure good-quality housing outcomes by engaging with all aspects of the supply chain, good design of housing, use of appropriate materials, quality of the construction and housing management. In order that these can be provided CHL may deliver training programs and create employment to ensure that this supply chain can be supported. Its clients and local communities can benefit from skills development and economic opportunities provided through housing development and management;
  • Engage with communities by partnering with community groups to stimulate community activities which create capacity, skills and mutual support structures to improve overall community wellbeing.

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Our Clients

CHL develops housing strategies in partnership with communities and their Governments to assist:

  • Australia – Low to moderate income people in metropolitan and regional Australia who are in highest housing need and/or have been disadvantaged by market failure on the path to securing long-term rental or home ownership.
  • International – People who live in informal and slum housing in international locations who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing.

Our Reach

CHL is building a stronger national presence across Australia and expanding its international footprint across those regions where extreme poverty remains pervasive.

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