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What to include in your application



  1. If you do not include a cover letter as a separate document, you will not be able to finalise your application on line;
  2. Include your contact details (name, location, email address, mobile number);
  3. Specify the role you are applying for;
  4. Write a couple of paragraphs about yourself and why you are applying for the role;
  5. Tell us anything else about yourself that it would be helpful for us to know when considering your application (eg available for interview any time except Friday mornings; or why you’re applying for a job in a different area from where you live).


Please ensure you include:

  1. Your education/ qualifications;
  2. Any professional organisations of which you are a member;
  3. Work history including a brief summary of responsibilities;
  4. Any particular achievements you wish to highlight from your work history;
  5. And Referee contact details (minimum of 2 previous managers/supervisors).

Responding to Key Skills and Selection Criteria

  1. If you do not include a response to the Key Skills and Selection Criteria and Qualifications & Experience as a separate document, you will not be able to finalise your application on line
  2. “Key Skills and Selection Criteria” and “Qualifications & Experience” are listed on the position description which is available on the application page. You will need to address all of these
  3. Write each criteria then your response (refer sample below)
  4. Address how your knowledge, experience or qualifications relates to each of the criteria
  5. If you do not have any relevant knowledge, experience or a required qualification for a particular point, simply say this and address the others as best you can.


Demonstrated experience in tenancy management of private, public or community housing rental properties or similar experience:

During my two years as office manager at XXX Sales and my time with XX Realty one of my key responsibilities was looking after the rental role.  This included all aspects of property management from tenant selection, advertising, administering tenancy agreements, property inspections, ensuring property maintenance was carried out in a timely and effective manner, tenancy disputes, termination of tenancy and administering accounts for rents payable and received and chasing up overdue rent.

Minimum 3 years experience in a similar role in medium density residential construction:

I have been supervising the construction of residential dwellings for over thirty years for my own company; XX Constructions and working for XXY Building Division. These have been a mixture of individual homes and medium density developments, ranging from dual occupancy up to eight units. In the mid eighties I worked on housing estates with over twenty homes under construction at the same time, and at peak times myself and another supervisor would hand over three houses per week. During the nineties and up until now, I have supervised dozens of unit developments, mainly in the northern suburbs, ranging from small single storey units to 280 square meters two storey town houses.