CHL Recruitment Process

  • Position advertised typically for a two week period.

  • Applications received ideally through the website until the closing date.

  • Applications shortlisted over a one week period.

  • Applicants interviewed (1st round) depending on the position approximately six candidates are interviewed in the week following shortlisting.  Interview panels are typically made up of two or three experienced CHL staff members.

  • Applicants interviewed (2nd round) if deemed necessary by the panel.

  • Preferred applicant(s) selected by panel.

  • Referee checks conducted.

  • Depending on outcome of referee checks formal offer made to applicant.

  • Unsuccessful applicants informed usually within 3 weeks of closing date. Applicants who were interviewed receive a phone call from a worker on the interview panel in order to provide feedback on the interview. Other unsuccessful applicants informed by email.

  • If an applicant is unhappy with any aspect of the recruitment process they should use the “contact us” section of this website and detail the complaint.