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Benefits of working at CHL

Here at Community Housing Limited our Directors, Management and Staff are all working hard to achieve our vision of ‘A world without housing poverty’. Our company has grown rapidly over the years, and is now spread throughout Australia and several other continents and it is through the efforts of our diverse and committed workforce that we have managed to achieve all that we have to date.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication of our staff, we offer a range of staff benefits and a dynamic working environment where your individual skills and efforts can be transformed into important achievements on the ground. Come and be a key part of our future and ensure we can continue as a community housing leader by delivering good housing outcomes for people in need.


  • All full and part time staff of CHL are eligible to access salary packaging (that’s up to an extra $15,900 per annum tax free) and Meal-Entertainment benefits (up to another $2,300 untaxed)*. People who take up these options find there’s a huge positive impact on their take home pay.
  • Staff in direct client contact roles are paid under the SCHCDSI Award and a 10% performance allowance per annum is available for those who meet quarterly targets.
  • We provide salary continuance insurance (income protection) to permanent employees who meet the eligibility criteria and have fulfilled their probation period.

* a small fee applies and it is recommended that you discuss your personal situation with the salary packaging provider before setting up your package

Career Development

CHL staff are provided with a structured induction including substantial role related training. Our Learning and Development focus is supported by our dedicated L&D Specialist in our HR team. Stick with us and opportunities will open up for role diversity and career opportunities – just ask the 4 staff who were promoted into different roles in the last 6 months and the 12 staff who have had the experience of acting in a higher role for a while or the many who have had the opportunity to be seconded to different areas of the organisation to assist in times increased workload/changes in business activities!

Be part of something important

Did you know, there are multiple people applying for every rental dwelling that comes up on the private market (15 applications per vacancy in Sydney, 8 in Melbourne, 4 in country NSW, 6 in Perth)? This pushes up rental prices everywhere, so if you’re on a low or inconsistent income it’s really hard to find a secure place to live. CHL provides affordable, quality, sustainable housing for people who can’t access the private rental market. Come and be part of that.

Health & Wellbeing

CHL staff are encouraged to prioritise their own health and wellbeing (above and beyond safety minimums required in legislation). We have an active and varied H&W program encouraging participation in things like: eating well, good mental health, and exercising (including walking meetings!); and, we provide access to an EAP program for all staff.

Flexible Work

CHL supports flexible working as much as the role permits. We know work is just one dimension in the lives of our people and that the other dimensions may include caring for older or younger family members as well as one’s own health. So, as well as a variety of leave options, if our staff need to work from home occasionally, or regularly, they just need to sort it out with their manager.


CHL is an equal opportunity employer working closely with people living with disability and people from a diverse range of backgrounds. We don’t care what you look like, what your beliefs are, where you’re from, or if you need modified equipment – if you’re committed to a world without housing poverty and can get the job done in the required timeframes, you’re CHL material!