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Community Housing Ltd established operations in Tasmania in 2006 and currently manages 1,346 properties across Tasmania.

The Tasmanian portfolio is made up of a combination of owned stock, contract managed stock and head lease stock.

The Better Housing Futures (BHF) program operates out of Mowbray in the northern Suburbs of Launceston in the ‘North’ Region of Tasmania. CHL is in it’s fifth year of managing public housing stock transferred in the suburbs of  Mayfield, Mowbray, Ravenswood, Rocherlea and Waverley. In 2018 CHL managed close to 1,400 tenancies.

The Long Term program comprises the Better Housing Futures, NRAS and Rapid Rehousing programs.

The long term supported housing model assists people that may not choose not to, or be able to successfully sustain independent accommodation but whom are not eligible for more intensive care.

We provide long-term secure rental tenancies for people who pay subsidised market rent*. (Please refer to the CHL Rent Setting Policy for more information.)

As an alternative to private rental, our services ensure that people who have low incomes can find a safe and secure housing so their children can attend the local school, the parent or parents can maintain employment or study, and the family can generally have enough money to live on.

CHL Tasmania office is located in Mowbray.
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Partnerships with other organisations:

CHL’s success in delivering sustainable and positive outcomes for tenants and building stronger communities is only possible by working collaboratively with our many partner agencies.

Our partnership agreements vary in type and nature but generally CHL provides or manages the housing in which the partner agency provides the support for varying client needs or programs.

Our key areas of work are:

  • Providing long term housing for those on low to moderate incomes
  • Tenancy and property management services
  • Community development and tenant engagement

Services Offered in Tasmania:

  • Social Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Referral and support
  • Community Development
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Training and Employment

To read more on our Tenancy Management practices please visit our Tenancy section here


Tasmania Head Office


288 Invermay Road Mowbray 7248


03 6325 0700


03 6334 3958

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Community housing includes social housing for households eligible for public housing, affordable housing for very low to moderate income households.

At Community Housing Limited you can apply for the following:

    • Social Housing refers to subsidised rental accommodation for clients on a very low or low income that meet the required eligibility criteria.
    • Affordable Housing refers to forms of housing that are provided at a price that low and moderate income households can pay while also meeting other living costs.

In Tasmania, CHL provides accommodation for singles, couples and families. The size and type of accommodation offered will depend on the type of housing available and to suit your housing needs.

To apply for Social Housing it is just a matter of ticking the box on your Housing Connect application to share your information with other Housing Providers, this allows CHL to see your details when we have a vacancy that is within your criteria of need.

You can also partially fill out part of the Housing Connect application at our Mowbray Office, this will then be sent to Housing Connect for them to contact you and arrange an interview to complete the assessment.

If you would like to find out what is available in your area or require any further information please contact your nearest CHL office.  

CHL is committed to a fair and accountable Housing Application & Allocation process. The following step by step process will provide you with an understanding of the allocation procedure.

  • When a vacancy becomes available, CHL will source the tenants through the ASK system or known as the common waitlist. Properties are matched with applicant’s needs and preferences .
  • A Tenancy worker will then organise to Interview suitable applicants .
  •  A letter of offer is sent to the successful applicant thereafter .
  •  A letter is sent to the other unsuccessful interviewees informing that they have been unsuccessful for the current vacancy and they will continue to remain on the waitlist until another vacancy becomes available .
  •  If you feel your application has not been handled satisfactorily or if you disagree with any decisions that are made about your application, you may request a review of the process. For more information on the Complaints process visit our keeping you Informed  section for Tasmania.

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