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CHL launched its second international housing initiative with the establishment of an office in Valparaiso, Chile in 2008 under a private subsidiary, Community housing Latin America SpA (CHLA).

We construct housing for home ownership and rent in Chile by developing affordable housing projects for the poor in the Andes; And 

housing for the indigenous Mapuche Indians on their ancestral lands in the south of the country and housing for low income workers in Valparaiso in the Central region.


In Chile, CHLA is focussed on:

  • Developing projects close to services and livelihood at an affordable cost between 75-80% of the average cost of housing in the area.
  • Assisting low income workers who are eligible for subsidy to apply for this from the Ministry of Housing.
  • Assisting low income workers approved for a subsidy to buy a CHL affordable home to locate a bank prepared to provide a loan for the remainder of the housing cost.
  • CHL has used this approach in the development of housing projects in Valapariso such as Santo Domingo and in southern Chile at Lautaro.

Projects in Chile


CHLA completed the finished the construction of 24 units for Mapuche indigenous community in Lautaro, Southern Chile as part of the first stage of the project despite the challenging task of building a project 800km from CHL’s office in Valparaiso.

The Mapuche are an Indian tribe, original inhabitants of Southern Chile, who in 1553 led by their leader, Lautaro, defeated the Spanish which had conquered the region leading to a period of resistance lasting more than 300 years.

The floor space of CHL built units is 60m2 as opposed to the standard 45m2 which has not been done previously.

The project is funded by a combination of private finance and subsidy by the Chilean Government which is provided to the families most in need. They have to meet the eligibility criteria to receive a subsidy.

Santo Domingo

In 2014-15 CHL completed its Santo Domingo project and handed over the units to the local community. This project, which in 2013 won the “Gubbio Award” from Italy, is situated in the historic part of the city and offers low cost housing. The project is the replacement of an old building dating from 1880, creating 23 new low cost units only 4 blocks from the main square of town.

All of the apartments except for two are split-level, of two or three floors, with a panoramic view over the bay of Valparaiso. Despite the size and location of the apartments, the houses are affordable for the income levels of the local population.

Our clients range from young professionals looking for their first apartment, families or single mothers, and elderly people who may receive up to 40 per cent subsidy from the state to buy their apartment.

One of our clients is Blanca Gonzalez, a 54 year old secretary, who lived with her daughter in the same site as her father at the Mercedes Hill in Valparaiso. Her uncle, who lived next door, died in the fire and hers as well as her father’s house were completely destroyed. With so much pain and grief accumulated in this place, she decided to change to a different area of the city, where she can have her own apartment and live together with her daughter. Last June they moved in and already gave their new home a very personal touch.

“Although I liked to live close to my parents and other relatives, it was never our own land and much less own house. Now, here in Santo Domingo, it is the first time in my life that I can say: this is my house, forever!”

Valparaiso Reconstruction

In April 2014, the biggest fire ever in Valparaiso destroyed about 2,500 homes, several schools and kindergartens, a police station and much more. The government designed a reconstruction plan with generous subsidies for all land owners to rebuild their houses. For the half of the population who were not landowners, $38,000 will be granted to buy a new or used apartment.

Immediately after the fire, CHL SpA began working with several groups of families to evaluate the damage and develop reconstruction projects suitable to each family’s need. CHL has finalised several contracts for condominiums and single units with a view to offer quality design and space for the funding available.

After more than a year of preparation, CHL completed the construction of 14 units for those affected by the fires which swept through Valparaiso in 2014.


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