Property Maintenance

Managing over 9,350 homes across Australia, CHL has over 25 years of specialist experience in maintaining residential and commercial properties.

At CHL we can offer our clients, which include contracts on behalf of governments and agency partners, a unique property
maintenance solution that gives peace of mind whilst encompassing our ethical business approach.

CHL are guided by the highest standards of customer service with a 90% overall satisfaction rating with our customers. Our
highly skilled and well trained staff follow a process by which repairs are carried out in a timely and efficient manner without the need for follow on appointments.

As with most property maintenance the process begins with a notification of repair. CHL have a unique 1300 4 CHL REPAIR
(1300 424 573) hotline where dedicated staff are on hand to respond to repair requests 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our skilled call centre staff will help diagnose a repair enquiry put through by a client and will ensure that works are completed, either by our in house maintenance workforce or through one of our maintenance contractors.

In the field our officers carry out regular condition surveys of all of our properties to ensure that we can plan for future upgrades to your home, or complete repairs to your property that need to be completed which you may not have noticed.

For further information visit the How to Report a Repair or Repairs and Maintenance Factsheets sections of this website.



For further information about our Maintenance services contact us at:

1300 4 CHL REPAIR (1300 424 573)