Warrayu Community

I am very happy with the service CHL is providing and have never experienced such quick responses to various needs or requests – Jean


Three months ago the community of Warrayu, a small Indigenous community that sits within the Wyndham region of the East Kimberley, was closed down by the DoH in preparation for a re-building phase. The locals were re-housed throughout the Wyndham region during construction.

The community now consists of three refurbished houses, three refurbished single men’s quarters and four new homes currently under construction (due for completion by mid to late June). Due to the many years of wear and tear the community housing standard had dropped significantly for the Warrayu people which created low morale and despair throughout.

CHL helped in signing tenants to three newly refurbished homes.

When asked what it meant to move into these new homes Jean, Jonathon and Laura all said it was the first step in moving forward and it is a very proud moment. They all agreed that it was important to look after their homes but more importantly when the newly built community is completed it will bring everyone closer together which is critical particularly for the young and elderly. Jonathon pointed out that this was the first time in almost 10 years that something had been done to lift the community. Laura stated that now is the time to teach their children about respecting themselves and property.

Jean also pointed out that each community member must work together to look after the properties.

Jean added that she and others are very happy with the service CHL is providing and has never experienced such quick responses to various needs or requests.

As part of CHL support plan, we will be attending the community on a weekly basis to provide additional support to the community in conjunction with the Nirrumbuk service who provide the living skills training in maintaining a healthy home.

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