Susie Spicijaric

My life is good now, really good. I am happy

Susie Spicijaric has been a CHVL resident at Queens Road Rooming Housing for four and a half years. It was a long road for Susie to come here and here’s a snippet of Suzie’s life up to now.

Susie lived with her mother in St Albans until her mother moved overseas. Susie, who has mental health problems, was left homeless and a caseworker introduced Susie to Macaulay House in Parkville. Susie lived at Macaulay House for 5 years until she felt strong enough to regain her independence and moved to CHL’s Queens Road Rooming House.

She is passionate about her soccer which resulted in her participation in the 2013 Homeless Street Soccer World Cup in Poland. Susie loves showing off her medal and the green and gold uniform she wore for the international event. She also works part time for the Big Issue and calls into Macaulay House before her soccer training. The game has become her passion!

“My life is good now, really good. I am happy”, says Susie.

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