Kate Bannister, Queens Rd Melbourne

The Queens Rd art therapy program has also been a major source of healing for me. It has assisted me moving towards wellness by allowing me to socialize with other residents in the community and hopefully in the future I can do art a little bit more professionally.

33 year old Kate Bannister, a resident of CHL’s Queens Rd Rooming House in Melbourne for the last 18 months, has gone through the ups and downs in life before arriving in this CHL property. Born in Darwin, NT she has spent her years travelling across Australia and Hong Kong before settling down in Melbourne.

Unable to secure a rental accommodation Kate says, “My history with housing issues was mainly due to not being able to deal with housing stress and not being able to afford a place of my own. The Public Housing waiting list is too long and I was never going to secure housing there. Another barrier I have found trying to secure housing is not having work and surviving on a Disability Pension. So I decided to try and sign up with community housing organizations to try and find a place that would be suitable and secure.”

She was accepted into the Queens Rd Rooming House after she lodged an application with CHL. “This accommodation has been a major factor affecting my stability over the past 18 months and it has been a secure roof over my head. Living here has helped me save for things I need, helped my social skills (living with 63 others) and is very well situated close to the city and the networks I need near me.”

“If I was living further out I wouldn’t be able to have the same life I enjoy now. Queens Rd rooming house is affordable and the support provided by its dedicated staff is one of the main reasons why it has been such a success.”

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