Judith Healey, Carisbrook

I moved here because I didn’t want to be stuck with my head in the pokies like the other folks

73 year old Judith has been a CHL tenant for 5 years at one of the units in Carisbrook with no previous rental history.

“I was brought up to think that you bought your home. You got married and you bought a house. It was hard to think of renting when your brain is moulded like this’, says Judith. She had always had an interest in her family history so after her kids got married, she moved to Dunolly from Sunshine to work at the court house that had been turned into a tourist centre.

Judith says, ‘I moved because I didn’t want to be stuck with my head in the pokies like the other folks.” Besides being a keen gardener, Judith has been volunteering at the Carisbrook Historical Society for 14 years. ‘I love being involved in the historical society. It’s a bit like helping people work out a jigsaw of their past. Feels a bit like finding treasures for them.”

Judith admires the community spirit in Carisbrook which shone through during the floods in January. After the flood waters receded the community members joined hands to help each other. The owner of the Bodyshop organised volunteers to help the locals. ‘They had trailers and all the cleaning equipment to help out. We didn’t have anything left to clean with, not even a broom,’ she says. Judith cherishes a very special gift given by the Carisbrook Quilt Makers to the entire community. ‘Everyone who was flooded got a quilt. Even if you had 6 people in your house you got 6 of them’. Judith was forced to live away from her home for 5 months while repairs were being undertaken. This time was very difficult for Judith and she is glad to be back in her house.

Judith heaps praise on the girls working in the Bendigo office for CHL. ‘They look after people first. I can’t say enough about them.’ With the Carisbrook Historical Society reopened late last year she is back on her favourite job – finding more treasures once again!

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