Geoff Panckhurst, Melbourne

It was a huge change, each day has provided challenges but I love having my own space

Geoff lived for 45 years with his mother in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 15 years ago when his mother took ill Geoff (who has cerebral palsy) decided it was time to try to live on his own. Geoff tried unsuccessfully to access the maze of housing services until he turned to Community Housing Ltd in 2000.

‘‘About three years prior to me getting this place, I had a crook back and ended up in hospital for three weeks. At that stage I decided I really needed to start thinking about getting independent living.

After failed attempts to access public housing, Mr Panckhurst turned to Community Housing Limited.

Geoff said that without CHL he would never have gained his independence. “It was a huge change, looking after myself, each day has provided challenges but I love having my own space” he said.

‘‘I was used to having mum cook all my meals and do the washing. Everything a mother does for her ‘child’.”

“Moving here put my mum’s mind at rest. She always worried about what would happen to me after she was gone. Mum died in 2003 and I am so happy she had the opportunity to see me settled here.”


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