Desi and Jasmine, Victoria

We are very grateful for this housing opportunity as it has given us the stability we needed.

Desi and Jasmine are our tenants in Victoria and living at one of our properties. Here is a short story in Desi’s own words of how he and his daughter came to community housing.

It took a good three months of applying for Private Rental properties every week with no success and given little or no explanation of why. At the time there were up to 20 other applicants, after a while I wondered why we were getting refused every time. Was it my appearance? Or the fact I had children?

Through talking to friend, I was told about Community Housing and made an appointment to see what services were available. After explaining my situation to the staff and going through the application process, I was offered a property.

Having this offer come up just before Christmas has made it easier to plan for the short term and long term goals. I could now plan for Christmas and for the kids going back to school. Since moving into the house we are all less stressed and are able to look towards the future and have achieved a few of our short term goals.

We were only a week off buying tickets to WA to live with family as a very last resort when this offer came up. This has allowed my family and me to remain living in our community and continue our involvement in our sporting clubs, kid’s schools and my career.

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