Brittany, Bowden South Australia

“It’s my little corner penthouse”

Brittany was one of the first people to apply to purchase an affordable home in the B Apartments at Bowden, and is on track to have all of her deposit saved to buy the apartment outright once it’s completed in early 2017. She doesn’t plan to use the rent-then-buy option, but it would be there if her circumstances were different and she felt that she needed it.

A family friend heard the advert for B Apartments on the radio, and prompted her to apply. Luckily she met all the criteria, and immediately placed a hold on her favourite apartment, while CHL and HomeStart assessed her application. As an enrolled nurse her income was moderate, and as a first home buyer she met the asset requirements. She has now signed the contracts, and eagerly keeps an eye on the construction progress of her building and neighbouring facilities.

Brittany signing her contract at the Bowden Sales Centre in December 2015

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