This is one of the first projects completed under the Victorian Governments Building Homes Together 2 Initiative. Like all Community Housing Limited designed and built properties, the homes were designed to blend well into the surrounding residential development.

The small townhouses form a row in a prominent location on a corner which enhances the neighbouring park edge.

The Victorian Government with part of the funding provided from the Victorian Property Fund on the approval of the Minister for Consumer Affairs.

Five homes with two or three bedrooms were built on land sourced through VicUrban. Community Housing Limited purchased blocks with a favorable solar aspect and views of parks and wetlands. The housing prototypes are designed to suit the site configurations as well as comply with the Developers ‘Design Guidelines’.

Construction commenced in February 2007 and was completed in June 2007. The homes were first tenanted July 2007.

Feedback since completion of the units has been positive.

This project provides a good example of how community housing units and their new tenants fitting seamlessly into a conventional new residential development.

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