CHL’s success in delivering sustainable and positive outcomes for its tenants and building stronger communities is only possible by working collaboratively with our many partner agencies. CHL successfully partnered with State Government of Victoria for the completion of this project at Pakenham.

Community Housing Limited’s Design and Construction team adheres to world class practices ensuring safety and security for its workers.

The project at Pakenham, Victoria involves 4 x double storey 2 bedroom units, 4 x single storey 2 bedroom units and 4 x 1 bedroom units in a double storey ‘4 pack’.

All units in this development achieve 5.5 stars or over using the First Rate energy rating system through the use of many design elements including, party walls, dwelling orientation, slab on ground construction and carefully located window openings.

Each unit has a 2300 litre rainwater tank for flushing the toilet and garden watering and a solar hot water system.

The units fronting the street have varied facades and are double storey which reflects the built form in the area. The designs and materials used respect the existing neighbourhood character.

The units are provided with ample car parking and private open space in excess of statutory requirements.

Community Housing Limited builds and manages affordable housing for people in need, typically the aged, people on low incomes and people with disabilities.

The construction of this project completed in 2009.




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