24 units at Lautaro

CHLA constructed 24 units for Mapuche indigenous community in Lautaro, Southern Chile as part of the first stage of the project despite the challenging task of building a project 800km from CHL’s office in Valparaiso.

The Mapuche are an Indian tribe, original inhabitants of Southern Chile, who in 1553 led by their leader, Lautaro, defeated the Spanish which had conquered the region leading to a period of resistance lasting more than 300 years.

The Mapuches maintain many traditional habits and customs. The house designs are a take on their traditional house – “ruka” – incorporating culturally important features, such as the east-west.

The floor space of CHL built units is 60m2 as opposed to the standard 45m2 which has not been done previously.

The project is funded by a combination of private finance and subsidy by the Chilean Government which is provided to the families most in need.




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