An addition to Community Housing Limited’s portfolio are the seven townhouses in Craigieburn. These homes were designed and built as part of the Victorian State government initiative, Building more Homes Together 2.

The place is located close to the local shopping centre and also within walking distance to Craigieburn train station.

Paired as two storey, two bedroom units on each side of a party wall to create energy efficient homes (six double storey and one single storey) of approximately 8.4m width per unit including individual entry porch and carport. The land sloped down to the picturesque Malcolm Creek which runs through the estate, with pedestrian paths and the linear park complete with ancient redgums running along the south and east side of the site.

The units also provides access for people with disabilities to the ground floor. The units also provide access for people with disabilities to the ground floor. The open plan ground floor consists of a central stair and laundry. This divides the ground floor into a living area and a kitchen-dining area which accesses the east or west facing private garden on some lots.

All units in this development achieve 6.0 stars or over using the First Rate energy rating system through the use of many design elements including insulated brick-veneer construction on a concrete slab, dwelling orientation and carefully located window openings.

Each unit has a 2300 litre rainwater tank for flushing the toilet and garden watering.

Construction was completed in six months the first tenants moved in July 2008.



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