Winners of the Community Housing Limited (CHL) 2018 Scholarship Program supporting youth in Launceston and surrounds were announced on Saturday in a formal ceremony.

Five Scholarships worth more than $17,000 were awarded in the fourth year of the program, which was created in 2015 to target young people between the ages of 12-18 in disadvantaged areas of Launceston.

Suburbs of Mayfield, Mowbray, Ravenswood, Rocherlea and Waverley have a high unemployment rate where a very high percentage of all residents over the age of 15 years do not have work.

CHL manages social housing properties in Launceston on behalf of Housing Tasmania and has already awarded almost $31,000 in scholarships in the fields of sports, literature, education, hospitality, arts and drama since the program was initiated in 2015 as part of its community development strategy.

“We are thrilled to once again, recognise the passions and enthusiasm of our youth through the awarding of these scholarship funds. It is always a proud moment when a deserving recipient is able to realise a dream, thanks to a contribution made possible by our wonderful partners in this program,” Melissa Palframan, State Manager for CHL Tasmania said.

“CHL is committed to supporting the long-term community development and social inclusion in these disadvantaged suburbs, and via scholarship programs such as this, we continue to elevate the status of these communities and provide opportunities for advancement.

Once again, the support from the local community has been overwhelming and we thank the State Premier’s Discretionary Fund, Aurora Energy Community Grants Program, the Northern Suburbs Community Centre, Cape Hope Foundation, Max Buchanan Foundation, Ravenswood Heights Primary School principal Zac Taylor, local MPs and local businesses, alike for their support and generous contributions,” she said.

With the active and continued participation of program Ambassadors, Former Test Captain Ricky Ponting, World Champion Boxer Daniel Geale, Zane Little John of the Brisbane Lions AFL team, and Daria Bannister of the North Melbourne AFLW team, all former Launceston locals, the CHL Scholarships were presented at a ceremony hosted by Zane Little John at the prestigious UTAS Stadium.

Daria Bannister is herself a former CHL Scholarship program recipient.

CHL tenant Callum Harrison is another recipient having earned a scholarship in 2015 which ultimately saw him representing his community as part of the AFL’s ‘Footy Means Business’ initiative.

Callum realised a boyhood dream when he ran onto the MCG to play in the curtain raiser for his dream team last year.

“To be honest, the scholarship has played a huge part in my football development. I was able to utilise the support to work on my fitness with a personal trainer and purchase equipment that I really would have struggled to get otherwise,” Callum Harrison said.

Hoping to emulate Daria Bannister and Callum Harrison, this year’s CHL Scholarship Program recipients have received $3,500 each in financial support to pursue education in their chosen field. All applications for the five scholarships were reviewed by an independent panel comprising community groups, local business, local schools and neighbourhood houses.

The official presentation was preceded by a fundraising dinner and charity auction at UTAS Stadium which was hosted by Sports Presenter Rick Fontyn and attended by the special guests.


2018 Max Buchanan Foundation scholarship for Sports and Education:

Shanelle Baker


2018 Cape Hope Scholarship for Education:

Sharni Smith-Frost


2018 Aurora Energy Scholarship for Education:

Ellie Able


2018 Aurora Energy Scholarship for Education:

Alyssa Mayne


2018 Premier Discretionary Fund Scholarship for Sports:

Dylan Bird


Brief Bio of the 2018 CHL Scholarship Winners:

Shanelle Baker

Shanelle lives in Mayfield and has been a youth community leader for the past couple of years.

She is the official photographer for the Northern Suburbs Community centre youth group and has been successful in art competitions for which she won a camera. This allowed her to follow her passion for photography, an area she intends to utilise the scholarship for over the next year.

Shanelle is a gifted martial artist and is keen to develop her skills to a level where she can teach youth the art of self-defence. Her other interests/passion include music (she has recently learnt to play the ukulele), art, community development and family. Shanelle is described by the NSCC as being an extremely bright and driven young lady who is extremely deserving of this scholarship.

Congratulations on your scholarship Shanelle.

Sharni Smith-Frost

Sharni lives in Ravenswood and attends Launceston College, and is regarded as a very talented and committed student who always gives 100% by her teachers. Sharni is busy completing her exams and is focussed on obtaining the best possible marks that she can as she intends to attend university.

She is open to studying in a number of areas but has a real passion for writing and literature.

She loves to write essays and enjoys making an argument with the written word. “I love exploring different ideas and perspectives while arguing a point” she says in her application. We look forward to seeing Sharni grow over the coming 12 months. Congratulations on your scholarship Sharni.

Ellie Able

Ellie lives in Ravenswood and attends Queechy High School where she is in year 9.

Her interests include photography, cooking, English, science and dance. She has currently applied for a position on the schools leadership board which is an indication of her drive and leadership aspirations. Ellie is interested in following a career as a Veterinarian or as a Forensic Detective. Ellie intends to utilise the scholarship to reach her goals and advance her skills and knowledge in her areas of interest. Ellie is fully committed to attend university after completing year 10 and given she is described by her teachers as being a very driven young lady we look forward to seeing her achieve her goals. Congratulations on your scholarship Ellie.

Alyssa Mayne

Alyssa attends Launceston College and is currently studying Maths, Science, Art and Sociology/Psychology. She is described by her teachers as being a committed and adventurous student who always completes work of a high standard. Alyssa has future aspirations of working in Law and or Psychology. She is committed to attending university in her attempt to develop her knowledge in the above-mentioned areas. Alyssa intends to utilise the scholarship to advance her academic ability and by all accounts is a very worthy recipient. Congratulations Alyssa.

Dylan Bird

Dylan lives in Ravenswood and attends Ravenswood heights Primary School. He has two brothers and is an outstanding student who is achieving both academically and on the sporting field.

As a grade 5 student Dylan has shown excellent leadership potential and development, taking on roles of both sports and bus leader. This is outstanding as these positions tend to be held by year 6 students. Dylan is a keen sportsperson and he has regularly represented the school in athletics, football, cricket and basketball. He has also represented the region in cross country and athletics.

Dylan is a member of the Northern Bombers Junior Football Club and has had an outstanding year in the under 12 division. With some extra mentoring and skill development/coaching the club believes he can become a future star. Congratulations Dylan on your scholarship.


Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a national and international provider of affordable housing for those on low incomes. CHL established operations in Tasmania in 2006 and currently has 21 staff managing 1,380 properties in the North West, North and South of the State.

CHL manages over 9,000 properties across six states nationally. Its international operations are in Timor Leste, Chile, Peru, PNG, India and Rwanda.



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