CHL trains 180 villagers as a part of Suai project

As you know from earlier CHLink issues, CHLI had been invited by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MPRM) and Timor Gap, E.P (Technical Support for Ministries) to design and implement an innovative and ambitious Program for the ‘construction of housing and infrastructure facilities for the support of the development of the Suai Airport – Tasi Mane’ project. The infrastructure included in the project are reticulated water, independent sewer systems, electricity supply and roads and pathways. The project will impact on the community of Lohorai and will deliver quality housing whilst providing access to training, employment affordable housing and social welfare to the affected community. This will be achieved by producing building materials on site, using local labour and training the local community through active involvement in the delivery of the houses.

CHLI has been providing on the job training to the community in production and construction using mainly locally produced building materials. Over 180 villagers have so far been trained and Twenty five of our houses are now occupied. This is a tremendous outcome for the local Timorese community. We will keep you posted on further developments on this project in the subsequent editions.


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