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We are pleased to provide a copy of Community Housing Ltd’s (CHL) 2014 Annual Report. The report captures the year as it unfolded.

Some of the highlights from the 2013-14 financial year and the past six months are:

In 2013 we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. From one staff member and no stock at the time to more than 200 staff with over 5,600 properties under management, it is today’s one of Australia’s leading community housing organisations

CHL was registered in May as a Tier One Provider under the National Regulatory System

CHL delivered close to 150 properties under the National Rental Affordability Scheme Round 4 in South Australia, Western Australia and NSW

In Australia, CHL completed the merger with Fraser Coast Housing Ltd and established operations in Queensland so the company now operates in all six Australian States

In July CHL assumed management of close to 1,200 Housing Tasmania properties in Tasmania under the Better Housing Futures Program

In Victoria CHL completed and tenanted the Lynbrook and Hastings Developments and finalised the Keyring project for people with disabilities in Heidelberg

The organisation has delivered 26 new homes under the SA Stimulus Capital Grant Program

In WA we expanded stock under management with the transfer of over 100 additional leased properties

CHL completed projects providing 30 affordable homes in Valparaiso and Lautaro regions of Chile

In Timor Leste, CHL completed a significant school project at Kasait and is working with the Timor Leste government develop the country’s most significant affordable housing project to date in Suai

CHL also undertook feasibility studies for Peru and Papa New Guinea

CHL established partnerships with over 50 partner organisations across the country


Here is the link to the CHL  2014 Annual Report


Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a national and international provider of affordable housing. Its mission is ‘to provide affordable and sustainable housing for all’. CHL is a registered Housing organisation in Victoria and an approved growth provider in NSW, Tasmania, WA and SA. Its international operations are located in Timor Leste, Chile, and most recently India.

 CHL is a vertically integrated operation that manages the entire housing lifecycle. This includes securing funding, locating suitable land, project managing, designing and constructing, then managing the tenancy for the long term which includes collecting rents and maintaining the property.

 For more information on CHL, contact:

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Media and Communications Coordinator

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