Papa New Guinea (PNG) is Australia’s closest neighbour. It is one of the most culturally and geographically diverse countries in the world with more than 700 languages spoken.

Approximately 85 per cent of PNG’s rural population live below the poverty line with lack of access to basic services or transport.

The population of PNG is likely to double by 2050 and this represents a major challenge.

Around one third of PNG’s children still do not attend school and the lack of formal employment opportunities for the burgeoning youth population is a potential source of political and social instability.

In conjunction with several government agencies CHL has undertaken a research study that shows that the average employed person in a good job in Port Moresby population can afford up to a maximum of K240,000 ($A94,500) for a 400 sq m  2 x bed room house & land package and most of the population much less. An “affordable dwelling” for sale is more than double this price on the market and private rents are exorbitant. Close to 97% of the land in PNG is customary land and unable to be developed for housing and other uses.

The shortage of affordable housing is a major challenge in PNG.

As a first step CHL is partnering with the PNG National Research Institute to assist communities to register customary land and is examining a range of prospective pilot projects.

CHL is planning to introduce apprenticeship based training opportunities to expand employment to PNG nationals and create a cost effective housing delivery approach in the country.

Several large employers in Port Moresby are in discussions with CHL to provide a “one stop shop” for staff housing – CHL will find the land, project manage the development, build the homes and then provide property management.

Once the housing delivery approach is established, CHL will work with poor communities in housing need to unlock the potential of customary land to introduce housing and employment opportunities for the people in PNG.


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