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The Centre for Contemporary Urban Studies in Valparaiso has been awarded the internationally recognised Latin American and Caribbean 2013 Gubbio Award for three housing projects, including Santo Domingo, to show a holistic approach to revitalise historic cities through the provision of low cost housing. This project has been conceptualised and designed by CHLA SpA and construction commenced in May this year.

The Gubbio Award is given by L’Associazione Nazionale Centri Storico-Artistici – A.N.C.S.A., the most important Italian professional association in the fields of architecture and planned urban renovation.

CHLA SpA took the initiative to design and develop good quality affordable and sustainable housing that provides more space (65 sqm per unit) than average government subsidised housing for low income households in Valparaiso. The project includes a multi-storey split level development of 23 units of one to three bedrooms and have concrete structure on lower floors and steel structure on top floors making it resistant to earthquakes or seismic movements and increasing durability for the long term.

This project is being built in the World Cultural Heritage area of the city named by UNESCO in 2003 and will be sold to lower income households. Out of the 23 units 18 units will be sold in the general market and 5 units will be retained by CHLA SpA under rental management. For the rental properties CHLA SpA will provide tenancy management and maintenance services.The buyers can secure an apartment by making a nominal 2% deposit to CHLA SpA and organising finance for the property at completion with access to a government subsidy of upto 35%. This project will enable key service workers such as clerks, dock workers etc to stay near work.

As per Michael Bier, Country Manager for Chile, “It´s a great honour and pleasure, that CHL Latin America gets international recognition for its first privately financed housing project in Chile.”

The jury mentioned in its declaration “… the intervention in Valparaiso represents a positive example of urban renewal as combined urban, architectural and political actions, especially social initiatives, at a moment which clearly indicates the necessity of public – private relations in urban management. In this proposal the innovative character appears linked to areas which normally are treated separately..”


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