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CHL Launches New Research Centre in Timor

CHL Launches New Research Centre for Local Building Materials in Timor Leste

In July 2013, Community Housing Limited (CHL) will launch its new Research Centre for locally produced building materials in Timor-Leste. The Centre´s goals are to research and produce high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly local building materials.

Announcing the launch, CHL Group’s Managing Director Steve Bevington said that, “The CHL Research Centre aims to promote the constitutional right of Timorese citizens to access proper housing. To achieve this right we need to see ourselves as capable of being involved in every step of the construction process: researching and manufacturing the building materials, designing efficiently and building with quality.”

The Research Centre aims to ensure that maximum economic benefit from construction stays within Timor-Leste. Jobs will be created in the manufacturing of materials and professional skills will be fostered in the local workforce. Homes produced with local materials will lead to enhanced social wellbeing, healthier buildings and reduced greenhouse emissions.

 CHL’s Country Manager for Timor, Jocelino Alves explained that, “developing and producing local building materials is the best way to help our people. We need to have a Timorese building industry with qualified Timorese trades people in the sector. I believe in: Povu mak halo uma, baa povu, hasai povu husi kiak.”

CHL has already developed its first local building product, the interlock clay brick or ‘Tijolu Kesi’. This material is 100% locally produced with primarily local materials. It is environmentally friendly because the bricks do not require firing, they reduce the amount of other building materials necessary and they have high insulation capacity.

Tijolu Kesi are popular because they look good, are simple to produce, and are cheap and quick to build with. Chefe Suku from Vatu Boru, Liquisa, where CHL constructed houses using Tijolu Kesi said: ‘We are happy that CHL has brought these bricks to our community. The houses look really good. We are happy with the quality and CHL trained our young local community members about how to make the bricks and build with them.’

The Research Centre will work closely with CHL’s training department and specialized trainers who have solid experience providing vocational training to Timorese trades people. New products developed by the Research Centre will be utilized and promoted by CHL’s design and construction teams in their projects across Timor-Leste.

CHL is an international not-for-profit company whose vision is to achieve a world without housing poverty. Operating in Timor-Leste since 2004, CHL has significant experience in design, construction and working with local communities.

Through its work, CHL has developed constructive relationships with the government, local groups and international organisations. CHL is currently seeking new partners to support the Research Centre and invites anyone who is interested to contact CHL or visit the CHL office.


For further information please contact:

 Jocelino Alves, CHL TL Country Manager

7723 7877, jocelino.alves@chl.org.au


Humberto Marum, CHL TL Project Manager

7724 1240, humberto.marum@chl.org.au



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