CHL gets on the air waves to connect with remote community

CHL gets on the air waves to connect with remote community

CHL in the East Kimberley is about to about to makes waves with the launch of the organisation’s very own community radio programme.

CHL’s work in the East Kimberley is underpinned by consistent and sustained engagement with communities that are often hard to physically access, are faced with literacy challenges and are disconnected from mainstream media. What many in the community do tune into, however, is their local community radio station – Waringarri Community Radio.

In August, CHL will be launching its first ever radio programme in Kununurra, to be delivered in partnership with the Public Tenancy Support Service, an initiative of the Kimberley Community Legal Service.

“CHL and KCLS have entered into a strong partnership that is based on the need for community education and advocacy for change in terms of how communities themselves can play a role in creating safe, secure and enjoyable homes”, said Annie Thomas, Manager for CHL in Kununurra. 

The objective of the Radio Programme is to bring about positive social change, by improving the community’s awareness of the role of CHL, as well as providing information that will promote better, safer and more secure homes.

“Tenants as far away as Kalumburu will be able to switch on their radios and get information directly from us that will assist them improve the quality of their lives as well as the community”.

Ms. Thomas looks forward to the project initiative getting underway and recognises what it represents for her team’s work in the region.

“In the East Kimberley, we are now beginning to take on a coordinated and consistent communications program, working in partnership with our tenants, their communities, and important region wide stakeholders like KCLS”.

The pilot program: “The ‘Better Homes’ Segment” will run over a ten week period. It will include a weekly segment as well as related community announcements which are aired daily.

*Waringarri Radio broadcasts to the major towns, remote grazing and outback communities of Australia’s East Kimberley region.

For more information, contact:
Shankar Kasynathan
Community Development Officer
T: 08 91666 300

M: 0422 845 085



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