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Important Information from CHL for people affected by the bushfires in NSW and Victoria



Effective January 1st 2013 the Boards of Community Housing Ltd Group of Companies have decided to separate Chair roles for the parent and Victorian company (CHL and Community Housing Vic Ltd “CHVL” respectively) that will serve to strengthen the Group as it grows and becomes increasingly diverse and complex in 2013 and beyond.

Chris Shields, the outgoing Chairperson has served as the Chair for both CHL and CHVL for 14 and 8 years respectively. In his 20th year on the CHL Board, he has handed the baton to Fionn Skiotis and Janine Mayhew, the new Chairperson for CHL and CHVL respectively. Both Fionn and Janine have been non executive directors of the CHL boards until their new appointment.

Thanking everyone for support during his term as Chairman including Steve Bevington and Vlad Steinberg, Chris Shields said, “It has been my great pleasure to serve as the company Chairman, over what has been a longer time than it seems. The past 14 years have been a period of rapid growth and development for the company.

When I was elevated to the Chairman’s role in 1998 we had one office, 11 staff, and turnover of $1.4m and gross assets of $2.5m. Today we have 25 Offices, including overseas, close to 200 staff, combined turnover of around $65m and assets of $444m, and most importantly, more than 4,200 houses under management, and providing housing support to many thousands of people. All of this has been achieved due to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved, and we should all be very proud of our achievements.”

“The group’s longstanding Chair, Chris Shields provided an invaluable sense of unity and stability during a period of rapid growth and significant change for the Group. In handing over to Janine Mayhew (CHVL Chair) and myself as CHL Chair, Chris can be proud of an impressive record of leadership and achievement, working closely with CHL’s Managing Director Steve Bevington,” says Fionn Skiotis, incoming CHL Chairperson.

“As we have virtually completed our Nation Building and Stimpac projects, and are about to embark on the current round of NRAS delivery, I believed it was an appropriate time for a change, and it is consistent with the Board’s commitment to achieve Board renewal. I am looking forward to playing a supportive role for our new Chairs, Fionn Skiotis and Janine Mayhew. I’m sure they will provide excellent leadership in the years ahead”, says Chris.

“In making these changes, I’m confident the CHL Group has taken the appropriate steps to ensure its companies are effectively governed and led. Our Victorian arm will now have an independent Chair, someone with extensive and broad experience in the not-for-profit sector in this State. This will be complemented by the introduction of several new non-executive directors who will serve on the CHVL Board only. The CHL Board will also seek to diversify its own membership so that it is best placed to provide strong governance as the company fulfils its mission across Australia and internationally,” says Fionn.

“Our company has always been driven by our Vision of ‘a world without housing poverty’. An old Japanese proverb says “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. I’m sure we are not daydreamers, and I’m certain our vision will continue to spur us on to greater achievements in the future”, adds Chris.

For more information contact: Preeti Daga t   0430 555 241   e preeti.daga@chl.org.au


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