CHL Industries Ltd (CHLI), part of CHL Group of companies, continues to build Timor Leste’s economy and partnering with other like minded organisations to deliver quality community facilities for the Timorese people.  This time CHLI has partnered with the Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission (MMIETS) to construct an education and training centre called Institutu Mary MacKillop, worth US$600,000.

The new facility was officially opened by Bishop of Dili Diocese assisted by the Bishop of Darwin, the Parish Priest of Becora and Priests from Timor Leste.  They were accompanied by CHL’s Chairman Chris Shields and a number of CHL Board members, as well as the Managing Director, Steve Bevington.

The ‘Institutu Mary MacKillop’ consists of three buildings: 1. An administration block that provides office space for MMIETS staff; 2. A training building where Literacy and Music programs will be run, and; 3. An accommodation block for the Sisters who are living or visiting Dili and working on the program.  The development represents a watershed moment for MMIETS, who have dedicated themselves to advancing the people of Timor-Leste via health education and cultural initiatives, particularly through literacy education in the Tetum language.

“CHLI is chosen as the trusted partner by the Mary MacKillop Foundation in delivering this project  not only due to our construction capability but more so as we have a complimentary approach to providing training to local workers and enabling them with skills to lead a good life. In that respect our goals are similar to those of the Mary MacKillop Foundation”, says Mr. Bevington.

“CHLI is part of this young nation’s growth story by helping rebuild community facilities, creating local employment, training workers in construction skills, and developing new businesses such as the new locally-developed interlocking ClayBricks system, used in numerous CHLI developments”, says Mr. Bevington.

Mr. Bevington says CHLI is committed to building Timor-Leste’s economy through quality construction work, providing on-the-job training opportunities for all unskilled workers and creating facilities to improve the country. “Over 60 workers worked on this project and about 25 workers were trained during the construction phase.  CHLI is commencing work on a new educational centre worth US $1.4 million in partnership with the Jesuit congregation which is an international community. This is part of the Phase 1 of the project including fifteen classrooms, residences for priests, church, chapel, canteen, training rooms etc.”

“CHLI will continue to look for opportunities to develop partnerships with organisations such as the Mary MacKillop East Timor Mission to create facilities, training and employment opportunities for this young and promising nation.”


For more information contact:

Preeti Daga t   0430 555 241   e preeti.daga@chl.org.au


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