CHL has established a strong foothold in the Northern region of NSW with the recent opening of two offices at Coffs Harbour and Taree. Coffs Harbour and Taree are important hubs for CHL in NSW, with around 45% of CHL’s total NSW stock located in these areas. The Coffs Harbour office will provide services for tenants from Grafton to Armidale back to Macksville. The successful transfer of 163 tenanted public housing properties into CHL’s portfolio in 2011 means we now manage 375 properties with a total 384 tenancies throughout the Coffs Harbour area.

The Taree office will manage 212 properties and provide services for tenants in the Greater Taree, Port Stephens, Gloucester, and Great Lakes areas. Currently we manage 1,290 properties with a total of 1,321 tenancies throughout NSW.

“The opening of new offices will strengthen our service delivery and improve service outcomes for our tenants in the region.  With high levels of customer satisfaction and a track record of low rental arrears, the highly experienced and skilled CHL staff will continue to focus on meeting tenant needs and linking them with relevant support services” says Steve Bevington, CHL’s Managing Director.

In opening the new office at Taree, Rob Oakeshott MP, reported being pleased with the progress being made in the provision of affordable housing for Taree locals and said he wanted to see that growth continue.

“The strength of a community is judged by how we help those most in need,” Mr Oakeshott said. “Providing shelter in all its forms is one sign of a strong community, and Taree should therefore be proud of this new office and expanded service.”

Andrew Fraser MP, member for Coffs Harbour opened the new Coffs Harbour office.

“The relocation of the office to a new, centrally located shop front premises provides an easily accessible location which enhances Community Housing Ltd’s commitment to being accessible to clients and builds a greater profile and helps sustain the local community,” Mr. ‘Fraser said.

“CHL operates under very clear guidelines as a not-for-profit provider of housing services and we are committed to providing a responsive and efficient service to meet tenant needs,” says Mr. Bevington.

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