Tenants in selected public housing properties will receive an upgrade to their home from their new landlord – Community Housing Limited

Community Housing Limited (CHL) will spend more than $2.5 million in upgrades as it takes possession of 180 Coffs Harbour public housing properties. The State Government will contribute a one-off payment of around $1.5 million and CHL will make a 40% contribution of around $1 million.

“This maintenance investment shows just how a partnership between community housing organisations like CHL and the State government can bring to in improving the quality of affordable housing and tenant’s level of amenity. ” says Steve Bevington, CHL’s Managing Director.

“Not only will CHL add an additional 40% to the total invested in upgrading each property, which will amount on average to around $13,000 per property, but CHL has programs in place to manage these properties and the tenancies for the long term. This means each tenant will now work with a CHL Tenant Manager.”

CHL is a leading participant in an extension of the current Property Transfer Program for the period January to June 2011. Under the extended program, a total additional 500 properties will be transferred from public to community housing management. CHL is therefore responsible for more than 35% of the program. The Property Transfer Program forms part of the NSW Government’s commitment to grow community housing to 30,000 homes by 2016.

There are currently about 12,000 community homes throughout NSW.

“CHL is fully resourced and ready to take on these new properties and their tenants opening a new expanded office in Coffs Harbour and increased staffing,” says Mr. Bevington. “CHL operates under very clear guidelines as a not-for-profit provider of housing services and we expect to provide a responsive and efficient service to meet tenant needs.”

The 180 properties, located in the Coffs Harbour suburbs of Sawtell and Woolgoolga, will comprise a mix of one to four-bedroom units.

Says Mr. Bevington: “The average age of the head tenant in each household is 58 years of age reflecting a stable community that has lived in this area for many years. The income categories reflect this heavy skew to aged tenants which comprise disability pensioners and aged pensioners with a smaller percentage on parent or Newstart payments.”

Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a national and international provider of affordable housing. Its mission is ‘to provide affordable and sustainable housing for all’. CHL is a registered Housing organisation in Victoria and an approved growth provider in NSW, Tasmania, WA and SA. Its international operations are located in Timor Leste, Chile, and most recently India.

CHL is a vertically integrated operation that manages the entire housing lifecycle. This includes securing funding, locating suitable land, project managing, designing and constructing, then managing the tenancy for the long term which includes collecting rents and maintaining the property.

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