Community Housing Limited (CHL) has reached a significant milestone in its development as a housing organisation with the completion of its 2000th property in its management portfolio.

Since starting its operation in 1994, Managing Director Steve Bevington says that with the recent major funding announcements at the Federal and State level, the growth of community housing properties will continue to accelerate.

“The growth of properties in our portfolio has taken 16 years to build up. Three years ago however we were managing around 750 properties so we’ve seen rapid growth in the last few years,” says Mr. Bevington. “The key for CHL has always been to have the foundations for growth set firmly in place, and this is what this gradual growth in the first ten years or so of operation allowed.”

“With the commitment of the new government to grow the number of community homes in Australia, the first 2000 homes is a significant milestone for CHL which indicates the effectiveness of this funding. The affordable housing sector stands on the threshold of an era where the challenge will be managing growth for the long term.”

The 2000th property in CHL’s portfolio is located in the Parramatta suburb of Guildford. For Matthew Purkiss (24), his partner Terrie-Lee Hamilton (19), and her daughter Hayley (2), securing their community home marks a turning point in their lives together.

“We really needed to make a start in our lives and getting our housing arrangements stabilised on a low income has made an enormous difference,” says Matthew, who is working as an apprentice landscape gardener. “Since we’ve moved into this new place, we’ve just loved it. I’d like to be in a position one day to buy this place from CHL.”

CHL provided Matthew and Terrie-Lee with a two bedroom unit which has improved their quality of life dramatically. Terrie-Lee has enrolled for distance education while she raises Hayley, and even though the money is tight, Matthew hasn’t claimed for Government assistance and is paying for the rent entirely from his own wage.

Matthew and Terrie-Lee have made friends on the block with other young parents, which has connected them to other families like their own and helped create a community atmosphere along Woodville Road.

“The place is brand new and well-made, and we’ve got a lot more space now which is great for Hayley. Finding this place through CHL just makes us feel really positive about the future” says Matthew.

NSW State Manager Patrick Yeung says that the home will provide the young family with secure tenancy for the long term.

“We’re pleased that the 2000th property in our portfolio is making such a positive difference for Matt, Terrie-Lee and Hayley,” says Mr. Yeung. “This impact is universal – housing stability is one of those essential needs that touches every part of one’s daily life as well as the foundation for quality of life for the family.”


Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a national and international provider of affordable housing. Its mission is ‘to provide affordable and sustainable housing for all’. CHL is a registered Housing organisation in Victoria and an approved growth provider in NSW, Tasmania, WA and SA.

CHL is a vertically integrated operation that manages the entire housing lifecycle. This includes securing funding, locating suitable land, project managing, designing and constructing, then managing the tenancy for the long term which includes collecting rents and maintaining the property.


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