Registered housing growth provider Community Housing Limited (CHL) continues to work in cooperation with Housing NSW to rapidly grow its housing stock in NSW, which includes constructing new homes as well as receiving properties from the state housing authority.

CHL currently has a portfolio of 800 properties around the state, and recently tenanted its first property in the Central Coast at Gosford. The four unit property also happened to be CHL’s first completed development in NSW – designed, project-managed, and built by affordable housing provider.

This particular tenancy required Housing NSW and CHL to work closely together to ensure a fast and smooth transition for a family moving from public housing to community housing.

The tenants, Ron and Jenny Ling, had been living in a North Gosford three bedroom public housing property for 15 years. When news came through that their house was going to be redeveloped as part of the Federal Government’s Nation Building Stimulus Package, they were in a panic.

“Given the tight timeline to access the funding, it was a rushed exit as we were given a fortnight’s notice, and we were faced with having to leave an area we loved and would have meant moving our son to a new school. We were really feeling under a lot of pressure,” says Mr. Ling.

The Department looked into relocating the Ling Family with CHL, the timing of which happened to coincide with the completion of CHL’s first housing development in East Gosford, just seven minutes drive away.

“We were gobsmacked after living in an old fibro home for so long. We’d never heard of CHL and when we came and looked at the house, my wife fell in love with it straight away. The Department and CHL made it so easy. The transition was smooth and there were no hassles because of the way they worked together. Best of all, our son didn’t have to change schools,” says Mr. Ling.

“It’s a huge place, a double story brick home. It has two large bedrooms and much bigger living spaces. It has fantastic fencing, a landscaped yard, and it’s brand new. It’s remarkable. And it’s been set up so that we’re paying same amount of rent.”

CHL’s Managing Director Steve Bevington says the level of cooperation with Housing NSW has not only been good for tenants but will assist the orderly transition of tenants whose homes will be managed by CHL.

“CHL has gone from scratch to 800 in less than 12 months mainly due to the merger with Community Housing Mid-North Coast Ltd, and we’re adding hundreds of new properties over this financial year, a portion of which will be in-house projects that are designed and built by CHL” says Mr. Bevington.

As a result of the merger, CHL now have 19 staff members managing housing in Northern NSW covering properties from the Queensland border to the north, to the Hunter Valley in the south.

“Our in-house design, project management, and construction divisions allows us to actively grow new, quality built dwellings in the affordable housing sector, and provide a markedly different living experience for individuals and families who could not afford this standard of living in the private rental market,” says Mr. Bevington.

CHL’s design, project development, and construction capability will assist the State’s construction industry, with CHL expecting to triple the number of properties in its portfolio by the end of the 2011-12 financial year. Across the nation, CHL provides subcontractor work to more than 300 businesses.

With other affordable rental properties in Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia, CHL has a total housing portfolio in excess of 2400 properties and growing quickly.



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