Community Housing Limited (CHL) has reached a significant milestone in its development as a housing organisation with the entry of its 1000th property in its management portfolio.

Since starting its operation in 1994, Managing Director Steve Bevington says the build up to this point has been gathering momentum, and with the recent funding announcements at the Federal and State level, the growth of properties is likely to accelerate.

“The growth of properties in our portfolio has taken 14 years to build up. Two years ago however we were managing around 750 properties so we’ve Seen accelerating growth in the last couple of years,” says Mr. Bevington. “The key for CHL has always been to have the foundations for growth set firmly in place, and this is what this gradual growth in the first ten years of operation allowed.”

“With the recent commitment of the new government to significantly growing the number of affordable homes in Australia, the first 1000 homes represents growth in an era where funding was inadequate. The affordable housing sector stands on the threshold of a well-funded era where the challenge will be managing growth for the long term.”

The 1000th property in CHL’s portfolio is located in Craigieburn. For tenant Leanne, who works as a personal carer, securing her community home could not have come at a better time.

“I had to leave NSW due to domestic violence. I explained my situation to CHL after I came to Victoria in April. Since that time, it’s been extremely difficult. I’ve been sharing a single mattress with my 8 year old at a friend’s place while looking for rental properties. She, her husband, and her three children were extremely patient to allow us to stay for almost three months,” says Leanne. “During that time, I was looking at rental properties that were in poor condition and asking $260 plus per week. In one case there were around 300 people looking at this one unit, and it was almost like an auction.”

CHL were able to secure a place for Leanne and her son in a new property in Craigieburn, a result she says has been better than she could have imagined.

“The place is lovely. I couldn’t have asked for anything more comfortable. It’s a double storey with two bedrooms and a fair-sized backyard. It’s also across the road from a school. I feel extremely lucky to have got this place.”

Managing Director Steve Bevington says that the home will provide Leanne with secure tenancy for the long term.

“I’m very pleased that the 1000th property in our portfolio is helping a young woman to re-establish her life. As an essential service worker, Leanne does represent an increasing tenant group in CHL housing. She’s making an important contribution to others in her work, and she also has some certainty around helping her son get an education.”

Community Housing Limited (CHL) is a national and international provider of affordable housing. Its mission is ‘to provide affordable and sustainable housing for all’. CHL is a registered Housing organisation in Victoria and Queensland a growth provider in NSW, Tasmania, WA and SA. Its international operations are located in Timor Leste, Chile, and India.


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