Meeting the Need for Affordable Housing

Meeting the Need for Affordable Housing

Today the Community Housing Federation of Australia (CHFA) launched its policy position on affordable housing for low and moderate income families in Australia.

“The crisis in housing, especially at the lower cost end of the market, has been documented and publicised’, said Steve Bevington, CHFA Chairperson. “Over a quarter of a million households on low incomes pay over a third of their income on housing and that number is expected to rise to over 1 million households by 2020.”

“Public housing has declined significantly, there isn’t enough inexpensive housing in the private rental market to meet the demand, and the possibility of home ownership is quickly slipping away from even moderate income families”

In response to this situation, CHFA developed Our Future in Affordable Housing, a policy document that articulates the role community housing can play in providing affordable housing throughout Australia.

“Community housing has a long track record of providing housing that is not only affordable but provides a range of other benefits, like stability and security for families which in turn strengthens our communities,” said Bevington. “We enjoy high levels of tenant satisfaction, have close links with support services where needed, and have the flexibility to respond to local housing situations and needs.”

“In partnership with private investors and government, community housing organisations are already providing affordable housing opportunities in communities across the country,” said Bevington. “We are poised to take on an even greater role and provide part of the solution to the increasing pressure for affordable housing options.”

For further information contact Steve Bevington on 0405-533-636, or Carol Croce, CHFA Executive Officer on 0402-017-557.


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