CHL established presence in Queensland in 2013 with the merger of Fraser Coast Housing Ltd with CHL. We currently manage 167 properties in and around the Fraser Coast regional centres of Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

In Queensland CHL manages a full range of Queensland government Housing Programs including Long Term community housing, Transitional housing, Same House Different Landlord and Crisis Accommodation programs.

In 2014 we provided supported accommodation to 50 families who were experiencing homelessness. Each of these was assisted to address the obstacles to finding suitable stable housing through an assisted case management process. Many others were assisted with finding suitable housing without supported accommodation. WE also assisted 50 single homeless men to find suitable stable accommodation.

We provide long-term secure rental tenancies for eligible people who pay a subsidised rent as determined by the Queensland Government’s Community Housing Rent Policy. Generally this is based on 25% of income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance. For further information please view the Community Housing Rent policy and eligibility.

Department of Housing & Public Works QLD- www.hpw.qld.gov.au

As an alternative to private rental, our services ensure that eligible people who have low incomes can find a dependable housing arrangement so their children can attend the local school, the parent or parents can maintain employment or study, and the family can generally have enough money to live on.


Partnership with other organisations:

CHL’s success in delivering sustainable and positive outcomes for it tenants and building stronger communities is only possible by working collaboratively with our many partner agencies.

CHL currently has a range of formal and informal partnerships in place. Our partnership agreements vary in type and nature but generally CHL provides or manages the housing in which the partner agency provides the support for varying client needs or programs.

Our key areas of work are:

  • Homelessness
  • Transitional and Crisis Accommodation
  • Providing long term housing for those on low to moderate incomes
  • Tenancy and property management services
  • Community development and tenant engagement

Services Offered in Queensland

  • Supported Accommodation
  • Transitional and Crisis Accommodation
  • Social Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Referral and support
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Training and Employment

Queensland Head Office


91 Bazaar St Maryborough, QLD 4650


07 4120 0900


07 4123 2357



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Looking for a home?

What kind of housing do we provide?

Community housing includes social housing for households eligible for public housing and affordable housing for very low to moderate income households.

In Queensland, CHL provides accommodation for singles, couples and families. The size and type of accommodation offered will depend on the type of housing available and on your housing needs. If you would like to know what is available then please contact us at one of our offices (hyperlinked to contact us page) closest to you.

How to apply?

CHL provides direct assistance to homeless families and single men seeking crisis accommodation. Application for this form of assistance can be made by enquiry or assisted referral through other Community Partners or Specialists Homelessness Service Providers. Access to other forms of housing assistance are subject to the policies of the Queensland Government (see below).

If you would like to find out what is available in your area or require any further information please contact our Maryborough office or call us on 1300 CHL HOUSING (1300 245 468).

Housing Allocation Process

In Queensland, the Housing Application and Allocation process is governed strictly by the Department of Housing and Public Works ‘One Social Housing System Policy’. This means that all applicants for housing assistance (apart from Crisis Accommodation) must be listed on the Department’s Housing Register prior to consideration for allocation to housing.

CHL can assist applicants to understand their eligibility and finalise their Application for Housing Assistance prior to lodgement with their local Housing Service Centre for assessment. Based on their circumstances, applicants are awarded a segment on the waitlist which determines their priority for housing assistance.

When vacancies occur in Community Housing dwellings, CHL works with the DHPW Housing Service Centre to fill the vacancy from the Housing Register.

CHL also participates in a range of other housing-related services which provide assistance to people seeking stable housing arrangements. These include Bond Loans Approvals and Rent Connect services.


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