Community Development

CHL has a strong community development approach to delivering services.

Over the past twenty years it has engaged with its tenants to assist in their accessing support services to help them live independently where they are in high need.
This has involved the provision of information about local services to provide referral to meet needs and partnering with over 150 local community and support services to assist tenants with their needs.


Our Community Development Approach includes:

  • Community ownership of initiated activities, projects or services through community participation and contribution;
  • Increased social cohesion and positive relationships;
  • Stronger, more supportive and safer communities;
  • Greater opportunities and access to employment, education, skills building and social activities;
  • Improved amenity and character of the areas where there is a high concentration of CHL housing.

CHL has stimulated a range of community based activities in the localities it operates in such as:-

  • Sports and exercise programs to improve health and wellbeing of disadvantaged people;
  • Programs to educate people on healthy eating;
  • Training programs to assist in creating employment;
  • Recreation programs to improve life skills and stimulate wellbeing.

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